We are brand-focused! We tend to simplify the complexities to create a smooth process for you. As one team in harmony consisted of an enthusiastic group of freelancers, we have the ability to visually transform, refresh  and launch new brands to the market. As a Digital Graphic Design Studio, we design in purpose, we shape your brand and we make that to stand out bold and clear.



Graphic Designer, Visual Brand Designer, Consultant

I am Saman Nooraie. I was graduated in BA of Graphic Design and I am an independent Graphic Designer, Visual Brand Designer, and founder of Digital Graphic Design Studio which is called SAMAN NU DESIGN. With more than a decade experience I am specialized in designing Visual Identity, Logo, Print Design, Cover Art, Motion Identities and UX/UI. I have worked with different clients in many countries such as Canada, Austria, the USA, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine and Iran.


Commercial Photographer

My name is Sahar Nateghi. I am a self-taught photographer who is always doing new experiences and creating different atmospheres for my photography. For nearly 9 years, I have been making and processing the ideas of my mind and turning them into images for my audience.


Front-End Developer, WordPress Developer

I am Iman Akrami, a Front-End developer, WordPress developer, UI, and UX designer, and web search engine optimization specialist.
Carrying out complex projects for large companies creates a special opportunity for my progress and keeps me constantly studying up-to-date technologies and programming methods. Five years of experience in designing and implementing corporate, industrial, store, and personal websites will be a guarantee to provide quality services to your loved ones.



I am Rahil Goli. A visual artist who loves playing with colors to create original artworks. I have started my art journey with cartoons and comics. Moreover, I chose Urban Design which combines art with engineering as my postgraduate studies. These adventures widen my artistic wisdom and help to start my illustration career. I have extensive experience in a wide variety of related tasks including illustration, digital painting, character design, vector arts, Icon design, and Lotti objects design.


Sound Engineer, Sound Designer

I am Mohamadreza Govahi, better known by my artistic name “Morego”. I started my career back in 2005 and received ‘Music Technology Certificate’ from Adelaide University (AU). Moreover I am a member of FIM (International Federation of Musicians) and MWA (Music Workers Alliance). In the last decade, I collaborated with various foreign artists and record labels around the world. I use my hand-made instruments, keyboards & synthesizers, and other regular instruments to produce original compositions. By implementing my audio engineering experiences and mixing skills I can easily make cinematic soundtracks or atmospheric soundscapes. (Photo By: Mohamadreza Gheitasi)