My name is Saman Nooraie. I was graduated in BA of Graphic Design and I am an independent Graphic Designer, Visual Brand Designer/Consultant, and founder of Digital Graphic Design Studio which is called SAMAN NU DESIGN. With more than a decade experience I am specialized on designing Visual Identity, Logo, Print Design, Cover Art, Motion Identity, Promotional Video and UX/UI.  I have worked with different clients in many countries such as Austria, Canada, Iran, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and The USA. In my journey I was also one of the chosen artists of “Graphic Design Annual 2017” published by “Baban’s Publishing House” in Iran, Tehran and had set up the first “Dark Art” exhibition in “Arasbaran Cultural Center” in year of 2006.

For viewing the resume and project’s names in full-details, please check my LinkedIn profile, or download the PDF compact version from the button below:


Beside designing, consulting and mentoring, I make music or I do photography in my spare time. Photography for me is a way to express my visions and feelings via the lens of the camera. If you are interested, here you can have a look through my Behance and view my photographs.